Wines & Prices

Wines & Prices 

We import some of the best wines to offer the Danish market a new experience:

  • Magliocco: Handpicked and specially selected Magliocco grapes, aged in oak barrels for 2 years. Powerful red wine. Top-class.
  • Lamezia Rosso Riserva, DOC: Selected Magliocco, Greco Nero, and Nerello grapes. Strong, soft, fruity Italian charm.
  • Dragone Rosso Selezione IGT: Maliocco and Merlot grapes. Intense and authentic. Fabulous value for money.
  • Greco Bianco - Lamezia DOC:  A magnificent fresh white wine - 100% Greco Bianco grapes.
  • Dragone Bianco Selezione IGT: Greco Bianco and Malvasia grapes.
  • Dragone Rossato Selezione IGT: Maliocco and Merlot grapes.
  • Pyrgos - Prosecco, Doc Treviso - better than most Cava and spumante.

See prices (for 6 bottles) and more detailed descriptions below.


750 kr. for

6 flasker 


690 kr. for

6 flasker 

Dragone Rosso

450 kr. for

6 flasker 

Dragone Bianco

450 kr. for

6 flasker 

Greco Bianco

500 kr. for

6 flasker 

Dragone Rossato

450 kr. for

6 flasker 


500 kr. for

6 flasker 

Magliocco IGT

Price: 750 kr for a case of 6 bottles (125 kr per bottle)

Magliocco  IGT is a well-balanced and powerful wine that expresses the passion of the land where it's made. It has an intense ruby red color with distinct violet reflections.

The taste is characterized by fresh red fruit, with soft and dynamic floral aromas that develop into a rich bouquet of plums and cherries, harmonized with French oak.

This wine is made 100% from the Magliocco grape, which is typical of Calabria and has Greek origins. It is mainly grown in the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. The grapes are carefully selected and handpicked at the time of their full ripeness. After a prolonged fermentation process, the wine is aged in new French oak barrels for 12-18 months, refining its flavor and texture. Total proces takes 5 years

This wine pairs well with beef, lamb, pork, grilled meats, risotto, pasta dishes, and cheeses

Riserva DOC, Lamezia Rosso

690,00 kr for a case of 6 bottles. 115 kr. per bottle

Lamezia Rosso Riserva is a DOC-certified wine, which means it can only be produced in the DOC Lamezia area. This wine is a true expression of Calabrian winemaking and is made from carefully selected Maglio, Greco Nero, and Nerello grapes.

The grapes are harvested at full maturity and undergo fermentation for approximately 12 days. The wine is then aged for around two years in stainless steel tanks before being transferred to French oak barrels, where it is aged for an additional 12 months. Finally, the wine is bottled and aged for a minimum of 6 months.

The Riserva DOC has a deep ruby color and an intense, full-bodied flavor. The aroma is rich and spicy, while the taste is soft, well-balanced, and structured. The notes of vanilla, coffee, and cocoa from the oak aging complement the spiciness and elevate the wine's body and balance. This wine is a great representation of its strong regional identity.

Lamezia Rosso Riserva pairs perfectly with grilled meat, salami, and aged pecorino cheese. For the best experience, serve in large glasses at around 18°C.

Dragone Rosso Selezione IGT

450 kr. per case - ( 75 kr. per bottle)

"Dragone Rosso Selezione" is a magnificent blend of 2 grapes - the typical Calabrian grape, Magliocco and Merlot- selected from the best grapes of one of the oldest Mediterranean vineyards.

The wine has an intense ruby red color and a broad aroma, rich in notes of red berries with a spicy and persistent finish. It is balanced, round, velvety on the tongue, and very enjoyable.

It is ideally served with game, red meat, grilled meat, pasta, cheese, and various charcuterie. The wine should be served at a temperature of 16°C, but not higher than 18°C.

About the process: The grapes are picked when they are fully ripe. After the first alcoholic fermentation, the wine is transferred to new steel tanks, where a second fermentation (malolactic fermentation) takes place. It typically takes 6 months and makes the wine clearer, softer, and more complex. 

After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is further aged in new French oak barrels, that. The process takes 2 years before the wine is bottled. The bottles are then further aged for up to 6 months.

Lamezia Greco Bianco DOC

500 kr. per case (83 kr. per bottle).

Lamezia Greco is a DOC wine, which stands for "Denominazione di Origine Controllata." This wine expresses freshness, purity, mineral notes, and finesse.

The grapes: Originally from Greece, this white grapevine reflects the culture and essence of the Mediterranean. The Lento vineyards are located on a southwest-facing slope at an altitude of about 250 meters. The grapes are selected and hand-harvested.

The wine has a pure straw-yellow color, and a well-balanced aroma with notes of ripe apricot, citrus, and apple scents. The taste is harmonious with fresh acidity and a delicate fruity finish.

It pairs well with delicacies such as Italian salamis, white meat, all kinds of fish, shellfish, cheese, as well as pasta dishes and various salads.

Dragone Bianco Selezione

450 kr. per case (75 kr. per bottle).

Dragone Bianco Selezione, is made from the finest selection of Greco Bianco and Malvasia grapes grown on a south-facing slope, where the vineyard is located between the eastern and western sides of the Mediterranean - the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, respectively.

This wine has a delicate light yellow color and a nose rich in floral and fruity notes. The taste is elegant and pleasant with a good structure, fulfilling the promises of a great glass of wine suggested by its bouquet.

It pairs well with white meat, all kinds of fish, shellfish, cheese, as well as pasta dishes and various salads.

Dragone Rossato selezione 

450 kr. per case (75 kr. per bottle).

Dragone Rossato Selezione.

This rosé wine is a light, pink wine made from the red grapes Magliocco and Merlot.

When the wine ends up with its beautiful rosé color, it's because the skins of the grapes are removed just a few hours after fermentation has started.

A distinct and les dry Rosé wine - a perfect glass on a warm summersday on the terrasse.

Prosecco - Pyrgos, DOC Treviso

500 kr. per case (83 kr. per bottle).

Pyrgos is a Prosecco, an extra dry sparkling white wine made from the finest selection of Glera grapes grown in the DOC Treviso area. Glera is a Slovenian grape variety, which is now primarily cultivated in northeastern Italy and is widely known for its use in Prosecco wines.

One of the reasons why the Prosecco district is so ideal for producing sparkling wines is because of the significant temperature difference between day and night, which combined with unique soil conditions, results in the perfect ripening of the grapes.

Unlike Champagne, Prosecco ferments in a pressurized tank rather than in the bottle. This method, where the wine ferments in pressurized tanks, is called the Charmat method. With this production method, the bubbles become more prominent than with the classic fermentation method.

Prosecco wines are generally of such high quality that they can be enjoyed as they are, as a welcome drink or an aperitif. If you still wish to pair Prosecco wine with a delicious meal, it generally goes well with fish dishes and lighter starters.